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Nov 16 - Nov 29

This week: 

These past two weeks I had an individual meeting with Jason Ferguson, a digital fabrication, sculpture, and installation artists. He gave me great advice about how to move forward. One of my biggest questions this far is who specifically I am making the jackets for. Am I making them for the general public, or for people who have these skin conditions? Jason suggested that I should get feedback from all types on individuals, those with and without the skin conditions. I also have clearer ideas about how I want to shoot and "brand" the jackets as a collection. 

I have begun to sew the pieces of the jacket together, but ran into some technical problems that I am currently fixing. I'm wondering if I should draft out a new pattern and practice honing it before jumping into the final material. 

I have ordered more muslin, draft paper, and string and will be experimenting with a new jacket pattern this week in addition to finishing sewing together the pieces of the jacket.


Next week: 

- Mock IP Review Prep 

- Look for more grant opportunities

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