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Oct 12 - Oct 18


Revised Research Question: 

How can I create a line of jackets that aim to end the stigmatization of various skin diseases? 

Sub Questions: 

- What are some of the most common skin diseases and how do they impact the individual?

-What are some common misconceptions about skin diseases?

-How have other artists portrayed skin diseases or other related topics in their work? 

This week:

In-depth research about three skin diseases and initial material exploration​


-Disease that causes the loss of skin color in blotches 

-Occurs when pigment-producing cells die out or stop functioning

-More visibly apparent in individuals with darker skin tones 

-Recycled beige and brown denim, cut and stitched together 

-Next iterations: more intricate patterns, try at a larger scale 



-Skin condition that occurs when hair follicles plug with oil and dead skin cells 

-Most common in teens and young adults 

-Recycled beige denim with watercolor splotches 

-Next iterations: more depth in color, explore how to make more tactile (use of beads and string to add texture) 


-Skin condition in which skin cells build up form scales and itchy, dry patches 

-Various types: plaque psoriasis is most common 

-Recycled beige denim with embroidery

-Next iterations: more accurate shapes and colors (create an outline on Illustrator)

-Some types of psoriasis only occur on certain areas of the body, and I want to stay true to this in the jacket

Next week:

-Further explorations 

-Contact individuals with these skin conditions for a brief interview 

-Collect materials for first jacket 

-Access to dress form mannequin? 

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