Oct 19- Oct 25


Work by Sally Hewett

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This week: 

Although I have done extensive research not only about the specifics of each skin condition, but also listening to stories from individuals who have these conditions, I felt it wasn't enough. I am an outsider to these various conditions and I want to make sure that I am representing them in the most accurate way possible. 

This week I had the privilege to speak with Iomikoe, an influencer and powerful advocate for body positivity. She has lived with Vitiligo ever since her 20s. I learned about her experiences and how Vitiligo has informed the way she perceives the world. I discussed with her my plan for making these jackets and wanted her genuine input. Am I stepping into territory I shouldn't be? Would this be taboo, or even offensive? She told me that she would be honored. Talking with her was extremely humbling and eye opening and I hope to help show others the beauty that she so effortlessly possesses. 

I aim to conduct two other interviews this week. I am actively looking for more people to get in touch with. I also have a breakdown of how to conduct each interview. 

I have started on my second iterations and I am exploring different ways to use the materials I have. I've also found more inspiration that has helped show me what's possible and what other ways I can use embroidery and stitching to mimic skin. 

Next week: 

- Conduct two more interviews 

- Continue working on developing techniques/iterations for each skin condition 

- Buy official material for the construction of the first jacket 

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