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Nov 2 - Nov 8


This week: 

Completed 50+ assignment and grant proposal 

-Construction of first jacket: cutting and ironing fabric into squares, and sewing them together to make the larger pieces for each piece of the jacket. The jacket pattern is made out of old bed sheet material and will be the basis for most of the jackets, adjusted accordingly. 

-Completed interview with fellow Stamps student about her experience with Seborrheic Dermatitis. She brought up very valuable points about making sure that the wearer of the jacket is aware and educated about the condition being presented on it, especially if they don't have the condition themselves. I plan to make some sort of informative patch on the inside to describe the jacket and its importance. 

-New ideas for potential packaging of the jacket? Gathering inspiration for final shoots with jackets.

-Should I limit myself to only jean material? Should I explore other material? 


Next week: 

-Make final list of each condition I plan to represent 

-More sketches

-I bought a dress form mannequin, so I will be using that to drape this week 

-Interview with woman from Australia?  

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