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SEPT 21-27


I watched a documentary the other day about ideology portrayed in movies. One of the biggest things that stuck out to me was the difference between the right and wrong kinds of dreams. The narrator, Slavoj Žižek, described the right dreams as “pointing towards a dimension effectively beyond our society” while the wrong dreams are “the dreams which are an idealized, consumerist reflection, mirror image or our society.” I wonder if my project is an attempt to visualize a world less absorbed in consumerism, or if it is just an advancement of it. This is why I struggle to narrow down my two research questions. The second question, mainly focused on nostalgia in clothing, seems to be a more pure and honest way of materializing a universal, connective feeling, while the first question seems to focus more on our attempt to keep up with the inevitable takeover of technology. Can technology be honest? Why do I feel like technology only further idealizes a concept of ourselves rooted by consumerism? Or perhaps we haven’t reached a point where technology only enhances us instead of obstructing our view and making us feel a certain emptiness. My goal is to predict a future of clothing that is built by technology but remains anchored to our nostalgia and love of tactility. 

Fashion is entirely consumerist, so how can we approach a new era of clothing that’s more about deepening our relationships with ourselves? How can fashion be a catalyst for contentment with oneself when the very nature of it is designed for us to constantly consume it? When I say the advancement of technology, I mean the demand for efficiency. The advancement of technology is about making our lives just a little less painful or uncomfortable. How can what we wear truly be a reflection of that, instead of being performative or an illusion of contentment?

 Refined Research Question: ​ 

  • How is our connection to fashion going to change in a world going digital? 

    • How are large brands adapting to the pandemic (and a digital era)? What is and isn't working?

    • In what ways can clothing be more conversational about our pasts and shared experiences?


Guiding Questions: 

  • What is the problem I'm trying to solve? 

    • I want to find a way to make fashion adaptable to a digital era whilst steering away from pure consumerism.

  • Why should people care? 

    • No matter who you are, if you wear clothes, you are a stylist. You make decisions everyday about how you want to present yourself to others, whether that takes you five seconds or two hours.

    • It is fair to state we have all felt a disconnect or discomfort from our clothing in some way. There is always an opportunity to improve our current state. 

  • What am I really going to do about it? 

    • I want to create a line of clothing that is authentic to the individual.

    • This line of clothing will be more integrated with technology, but also remain tangible.

Next Week Objectives:

  • Start sketching

  • Conduct primary research 

    • Set up survey


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